Do I need a doctors referral to see a physiotherapist?
No, you can come to see a physiotherapist without a referral. However if you have private health insurance that you wish to claim on, you will need to check with your insurer to see if they require a doctor referral note.
Are your physiotherapists registered with the health professions council?
Yes, our physiotherapists are registered with the health professions council (HPC). All physiotherapists have to be registered with the HPC in order to practice in the UK. We are also registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).
I have had previous Osteopathy and Chiropractic treatment which was unsuccessful, is it still worth having physiotherapy?
Yes, lots of patients have had previous unsuccessful treatment. Our approach is to focus on the cause of the problem not just the symptoms. For example someone who has chronic low back pain may have pain in the lower back and sciatica, and whilst we need to resolve these symptoms it is important we address the cause of these persistent problems too. There can be many causes of chronic low back pain and one of the most common causes is weakness in the core muscles of the trunk. Physiotherapists have a good understanding of the muscles but a more specialist approach is required. We have an in-house STOTT® Certified Pilates Instructor who specialise in this kind of back/ core rehabilitation. STOTT® Pilates Instructors use specialist equipment to help you strengthen these core muscles.
I have had a Whiplash Injury due to a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) and the doctor has said that I need physiotherapy. I have been told the NHS waiting list is very long, what can I do?
You can make an appointment for physiotherapy directly with us and often there is a possibility that you can claim the cost of the treatment back from your insurance company.
What should I wear for physiotherapy or sports massage treatment?
This depends on the type of problem you have, for example if you have a neck problem we will need to look at your neck / shoulder region so a vest would be appropriate, if you have a knee problem then shorts would be more appropriate.
Can you refer me to other specialists?

Yes, if we feel that your condition requires further investigation we can refer back to your G.P. for possible onward referral to a consultant / specialist within the NHS or for X-rays etc. We are also able to refer into the private setting, again for further investigations by consultants / specialists. Please check your medical insurance cover before proceeding with onward referral. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans can be done on an independent private basis and can often be a lot less expensive than some hospitals. We often refer Vista Diagnostics as they often offer the most competitive pricing on investigative MRI scans, visit to find out more.

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