Seasonal Advice from our Physio's

Our seasonal advice caters for anyone increasing their activity in the new year - with an article about warm ups, stretching and warm downs. Our second article is about golf injuries.

Preparing for Exercise / Activity

Before embarking on any form of physical exercise it is important to know how to warm up and cool down correctly. A good warm up will not only prevent injury but also allow your muscles and joint to work more effectively and allow you to feel how your body is feeling before you start to exercise.

Warming Up

A warm up should take between 15 and 20 minutes.

Benefits of a warm up:


Man stretching his muscles after a warm up

A muscle or tendon that has an increased ability to stretch under load is less likely to tear. Stretching should be done after a warm up. Static stretching should be done slowly to the end of its range so all of the muscle structure has a chance to elongate. Stretching should not be uncomfortable or painful and should feel like a pulling sensation and held for 15 – 20 seconds and repeated between 3-5 times.

Benefits of stretching:

There is a large variation between individual flexibility and also within individuals, i.e. you may have good flexibility in the muscles at the back of your thigh (hamstrings) but have poor flexibly in the thigh muscles (quadriceps). This difference in muscle flexibility can lead to muscle imbalance and cause problems such as knee pain or back pain.

Improving flexibility should be done gradually and will take time to see results but a little effort will lead to far less risk of injuries. We can assess your muscle flexibility and advise on a programme of stretches specific to your needs.

Warming Down / Cooling Down

After activity it is also important to warm down, this should consist of 5- 10 minutes of very light exercise, i.e. slow jog and 5- 10 minutes of stretching.

Benefits of warming down:

Cycling and Bike fitting

At BodyWorks we are lucky to have the expertise of Bianca Broadbent, physiotherapist and professionally qualified bike fitter. For anyone in the know you will appreciate how important a bike fit is. The correct fitting bike will not only improve performance but also prevent or limit sports injuries. Do you suffer from pain or discomfort whilst cycling or do you simply want to improve performance? if the answer is yes then a professional bike fitting service is for you. If you would like to know more about a professional bike fit then please contact the clinic on 01375 375938 or go to

Golf Injuries & Prevention

The time of year has come when we are beginning to think about playing golf in again. After a long cold snowy winter; when even the most hardy all weather golfer would have found it difficult to play, the days are getting longer and warmer and we are eager to get on the course. To ensure a successful season of golf we need to make sure we are golf ready.  Not only should we be spending time on the range or with our local golf professional but also preparing our bodies for golf to avoid potential injuries. At BodyWorks we can help with not only injury treatment but also injury prevention.

Golf injury facts

Injuries generally occur as a result of both poor technique, poor flexibility and strength. Your local golf professional can help with technique and equipment. Here at BodyWorks we can treat injuries and also prevent the cause of potential injuries by assessing joint range of movement, muscle flexibility and strength as well as posture and then prescribing specific exercises for stretching and strengthening of muscles.

For golf lessons, equipment, custom fitting and more why not try Richard Herring (PGA Professional): or email him:

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