About Sports Podiatry

Sports podiatrists specialise in the diagnosis and management of foot and lower leg disorders with a particular focus on injuries associated with foot and lower limb function. Sports podiatrists complete biomechanical assessments with the addition of applying the underpinning biomechanics to the individual’s specific sport.

Sports podiatry covers 3 areas:

Common biomechanical problems

Frequent biomechanical problems include:

We are now able to offer Radial Shockwave Therapy, a breakthrough technology used to treat chronic long term tendon problems, such as Achilles Tendonitis. This treatment is non-invasive, virtually pain free and has a very high success rate. Shockwave therapy can be used for conditions such as Plantar Fascitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Patella Tendonopathies, Hamstring Tendonopathies, Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and Calcific tendonitis of the shoulder. For more information call the clinic on 01375 375938.


Benn Boshell BSc (Hons) MChS

Sports Podiatrist

Benn Boshell, Sports Podiatrist in Grays, Thurrock, Essex

Benn graduated from the University of Southampton in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Podiatry. He has previously worked for the NHS as a Musculoskeletal Specialist Podiatrist. Benn has an extended scope of practice in x-ray interpretation of foot and ankle pathology, injection therapy, and experience in rheumatology clinics, and podiatric surgery (foot & ankle surgery).

Since graduating Benn has been involved in various podiatric surgery teams where his job role would include pre-surgical consultations, assisting in surgery, and running post-op review clinics. Benn is currently studying an MSc in Podiatric Surgery at The University of Brighton. Benn also has a previous background in sport and exercise science and understands how different sports place different demands of stress on the lower limb. Benn’s main interest is biomechanics and management of sports related injuries via prescribed functional foot orthoses (insoles) and rehabilitation programmes. As a result of his experience in podiatric surgery Benn has specialist knowledge of when certain pathologies cannot be resolved through conservative care (non surgical treatment) and can advise on surgical management and refer you at the right time to a podiatric surgeon or orthopaedic foot & ankle surgeon. Benn’s philosophy to care is to first establish a diagnosis, without diagnosis there should not be any treatment. Once a diagnosis is made the second step is patient education. Most podiatric pathologies, despite what the treatment plan is by the podiatrist are largely impacted by patient self management therefore Benn believes in helping his patients understand their condition and provides expert advice on how they can help improve their outcome and return to fitness.

Benn works as a sports podiatrist and is currently based in a number of private practices in the London and Essex area. In these clinics he works very closely as part of multidisciplinary team consisting of physiotherapists, sports therapists, massage therapists, strength & conditioning coaches, personal trainers, osteopaths and sports medicine doctors. Benn strongly believes in a multidisciplinary approach to bring about the best results in patient care. Benn treats a wide range of patients from elite athletes and sportsmen to amateur and recreational exercisers. Benn provides musculoskeletal (MSK) assessments, with computer and camera aided gait analysis which inform on prescribed custom foot orthoses when necessary.

Benn is the owner of a unique website designed to educate patients how they can self help heel pain. The website provides a self management programme for plantar fasciitis sufferers (www.plantarfasciitisgone.com). This website is endorsed by a number of NHS Trusts nationwide and has been published by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in Podiatry Now.